Rosario Cabrera:
First modern female painter of Mexico
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  • Rosario Cabrera López  was born in Mexico City June 5, 1901
  • Upon concluding her studies she is admitted to San Carlos Academy,
    the Fine Arts school of the National University of Mexico, (UNAM)
  • Precedes María Izquierdo, Frida Kahlo, Cordelia Urueta, and Aurora
    Reyes among others, being the first woman to study painting formally.
    Among her classmates in San Carlos are: Julio Castellanos, Rufino
    Tamayo and Fermin Revueltas.
  • In this academy she benefited from the knowledge of such
    distinguished professors  as Alfredo Ramos Martínez, Germán
    Gedovius, Leandro Izaguirre, Eduardo Solares, Francisco de la Torre,
    Mateo Herrrera, Arnulfo Dominguez Bello and Saturnino Herrán.
  • In 1918 she obtains the highest grade average on her school---in painting, sculpture and etching--- which
    deserves the recognition of the University with a diploma and a medal
  • In 1921 she takes part in the Grand Exposition celebrating the hundred anniversary of Mexico's independence,
    sharing credits with recognized artists like Eduardo Solares, German Gedovius  and Arnulfo Rodríguez Bello as
    well as classmates like Fermin Revueltas, Julio Castellanos and Rufino Tamayo
  • Regarding her use of the color Diego Rivera commented. ” Rosario Cabrera  has a true talent and a positive gift
    for expressing volume through color, a primary quality in a painter”
  • In 1929 takes part in the Iberoamerican Fair in Seville, Spain, earning a gold medal. She also exhibited and sold
    at the parisian Galerie Bernheim-Jeune
  • Organized the exposition “The epic struggle of the Chapultepec Children, seen by contemporary youth”
  • First woman to be named director of the Open Air Painting Schools and the only one in chairing two of them, first
    the one in Los Reyes Coyoacan and then the Cholula Open Air school, in the city of the same name in Puebla
  • On May 15, 1972 she receives in the city of Querétaro the recognition and medal “Maestro Manuel Ignacio
    Altamirano” from the President: Luis Echeverría Alvarez.
  • Her passing away occurs in the city of Progreso. Yucatan, December 30, 1975
  • Multiple exhibits in Mexico City, the most recent being at Museo Casa Estudio Diego Rivera y Frida Kahlo  y  
    Museo Mural Diego Rivera.
  • Several of her works are included in the collections of Museo Nacional de Arte, Banamex, ING Group, Museo de
    Arte Moderno  and  Fomento Cultural Covarra.
  • During 1998 exhibits were made at Austin y Kingsville, TX. Sponsored by the National Fine Arts Institute (Instituto
    Nacional de Bellas Artes.)
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